Seven Years

Seven years ago today, I underwent weight loss surgery. A vertical banded gastroplasty with a sleeve, if we’re being technical. I can remember that day like it was …..maybe last week (not yesterday). The nurse was named Sugar (!) and my anesthesiologist was the nicest human being on Earth. My surgeon showed up early – something everyone told me he never did and I took that as a sign of good fortune. Things went well and I remember recovering in a room with a young lady who at the time, had been on suicide watch and had a round the clock nurse.

Seven years later and my surgery was a technical success. Much emphasis is placed on how we look, and the size of our pants and while the decision I made was a tough one – it was the right one for me. I’ve yet to have a stitch of plastic surgery and I’m still fat (I am, it’s okay) but I would not change that decision for anything in this world. Not one thing or a million.

(December 2006)

Day of Surgery
(Day of surgery)

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