Good Enough

The above is my Nook HD. I use it to read books and magazines. I also have a laptop, a touchpad (giant ass tablet), an iphone and an ipod touch. So explain to me why a week ago I was sitting on my couch and trying to decide if I should buy myself a tablet? I’d almost convinced myself in that moment that I should put on some pants and march myself to the Apple store and get an Ipad or maaaaybe I should just go to Best Buy & snag a Nexus 10.

Do I need an Ipad or a Nexus 10? Not. At. All. And so when the delusion ebbed and I came back to real life I kind of laughed at the absurdity of the whole process. My Nook hadn’t suddenly stopped rendering books and magazines, it wasn’t sluggish – there was absolutely nothing wrong with it and yet here I was trying to convince myself that I needed the latest, greatest thing.

One of the dangers of being on the internet all the time is being constantly bombarded with stuff and things. I like stuff and things just as much as the next person (maybe more) but I think there’s something to be sad for being able to recognize how much we have in any given moment and believing that it’s good enough. Good enough doesn’t mean you can’t want more or that you don’t deserve it but it’s understanding that so many people don’t have what you have now and yes, the Iphone 5s is better than the 4, but the 4 works and it’s still a fantastic phone.

So if/when you see me reading on my Nook and you wonder why I don’t have a Kindle or an Ipad – it’s simply because what I have is good enough.