For The Love Of Money

So, in keeping with my more/less in 2013 list I decided that this month I wasn’t going to be buying any new clothes, hats, scarves or shoes. My one misstep this far was badly scuffing my only pair of brown boots and impulsively replacing them on the 2nd.

I’m admitting this to you, internet because I want to be truthful. I like shopping. I am good at it. It is fun. I like things. I am also in full disclosure because I could have easily said nothing and used that misstep to continue to quietly shop to my little heart’s content – but that’s not who I am. It’s also good to remind oneself that we are, in fact, imperfect and that a stumble is not a cause to not try again.

So, new boots aside – I’m still pretty much on track. I feel confident and I feel like I’m revisiting old stuff and new stuff (I KNOW!) in my closet and it’s kind of fun.

Knowing myself, this is not something I can sustain for forever – but after January I’m going to take a good, hard look at where my money is going (thanks mint!) and set myself a budget because budgets are not punishment.

Feel free to check in throughout the month of January. I’m hoping to update you weekly on my progress but I’m also hoping that as the days go by, the thought of what I can’t have is not so heavy and maybe it will just slip my mind – keep your fingers crossed!