Every Picture Tells A Story

When the whole instagram brouhaha (don’t you love that word?) went down – I packed my bags & took my ball home. Yes, I know they don’t want to sell one of the 456 photos of me drinking, but it made me feel uneasy. I don’t begrudge anyone for staying, they’ve built a fantastic community – but it hasn’t really stopped me from sharing. I still post about the same amount of photos, and I still think my life is beautiful without a valencia filter. So here’s my notstagram – small photos from my life the last week or so.

p.s. – if you’re on flickr and we’re not friends, let’s be friends!

I don't want to be overly dramatic but I think red lipstick changed my life. Watching football like we're real sports fans Chicken & Waffles (Not) Stagram

(Not) Stagram (Not) Stagram

(Not) Stagram  (Not) Stagram