I still have roughly 15 minutes left in this day and although I can’t pinpoint any one thing as being “it”, I pretty much was in the worst of moods all day long. Maybe it was because I woke up late & had to hurry to get dressed to have breakfast with my friend Brandon. Maybe it was thinking I was going to be late for said breakfast and pushing it back only to discover my bus was running late & having to walk to the metro quickly which caused me to sweat (I HATE SWEATING). Maybe it was my poor wardrobe choice – a pair of jeans that fit but don’t really fit, you know the ones – in the back of your closet for a fantastic self-esteem day? Yeah, today was not that day.

Maybe it was the snotty attitude of the lady at Lane Bryant who implied that I put a hole in a shirt that I’d just popped the tags on today & then paying $20 more dollars for a pair of pants that looked exactly like their cheaper siblings laying on a table right next to them & actually arguing about it. Maybe it was missing my bus to work by thiiiiiiis much which made me have to take an $11 cab ride.

I don’t know. So many maybes, so many teeny tiny things that don’t really matter. I have perspective and I know that tomorrow is a new day, a better day. I’m not writing the month of October off just yet. Maybe :)