Things I Don’t Want To Forget

You are dropping me off at the metro station but it’s a little bit early, so we decide I’ll sit in the car and wait. We start to joke about tattoos and I pick up a pen and pretend to write on your arm. You playfully push me away, telling me to stop – I love when you say my name with laughter.

I reach up, touch your face and tell you how much I love the crinkles at the corners of your eyes. They are without doubt one of my favorite parts of your face.

When enough time has gone by, I get of out the car and I can see you gesturing but I can’t quite make out what it is that you’re doing. You drive up beside me and roll the window down to ask me why I’m not responding the kisses you’d blown me. I smile, tell you that I couldn’t see what you were doing. You don’t believe me, but that’s okay – we both laugh as I blow you a kiss and you drive away.