So my Mr. has been off from work for some time and he’s going back from his staycation tomorrow – I know, brilliant plan to go back to work for one day and then get the weekend off. His wife planned that! I can tell he’s been exhausted and all I want to do is hug him while I push him gently out the door. I know tomorrow when I wake up I’m going to be so sad that his cute face isn’t resting on his special, flat as a pancake pillow – but having him here disrupts my whole morning routine. Since he’s been on vacation I haven’t exercised one day and I never get to be in possession of the remote control.

I wish we’d planned better and did some things, but mostly we just rested and stayed up too late (much like I am now). We did manage to clean and purge our apartment of a lot of unnecessary clutter but we have kind of a long way to go before we’ve finished the list of things we want to do. Baby steps.

I’m so going to miss this face in the morning, aren’t I?

My dude.  Cutest lunch date!