Fall In Love

I really do not even understand how I haven’t updated since Tuesday. In my mind I’ve told you about 23 stories since I last posted. Do you ever feel busy but then realize you hadn’t really done that much? That was pretty much how my work week felt since I was off from work Monday to see Gossip and I had an early evening on Friday.

Friday evening I had a quiet dinner with The Ethiopian and then we went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday at Stadium (a gentleman’s club). It was my first time at a strip club and I just, I KNOW that women were going to be naked but the level of naked? No, I was not prepared for that. I also can appreciate the beauty that is a woman’s body & most of the women working seemed to be having fun. I recognize that sex (and sex-related) work has a weird, underlying stigma about the various reasons women are there, and while I understand those, I think some women actually choose it because they feel comfortable with their sexuality, are exhibitionists and/or they like the money that they make. I absolutely can not stand in judgment of that, and we had a good time. No, a great time.

Drunk in a room full of naked womeb I mean, this happened. But do I remember doing it? Nope.

Saturday, we got up and did all of the laundry in the whole world & I spent the day in recovery from Friday’s adventures. Today, I had brunch at Mezze with this guy & another new friend and walked around the city for a bit. I spent the afternoon with The Ethiopian, shopping, walking around National Harbor and then having dinner.

Tyler Josh

All in all, it was a great weekend. Full of folks whose faces I love, food, and laughter. The absolute perfect way to usher in October.