A Joyful Noise

Yesterday, I started my week with a day off. Every week should be like that. I had breakfast with a girlfriend, went to the mall for things I need and then meandered around Barnes & Noble. Every time I go there, it makes me miss Border’s so, so much.

Slushito Date with Beth Ditto & Co.Beth Ditto just doing what Beth Ditto does.

In the evening I was lucky enough to see Gossip for the second time yesterday. If they happen to be in your neighborhood, do yourself a favor and see them. They’re amazing. Also, in a twist of random & amazing fate, I ran into Alison (one L) at the show. We only know each other via twitter, but she always makes me smile and she is so cute and so sweet! Pre-showtime I had a really delicious dinner with friends at Estadio, if you like tapas – it’s a gorgeous little place with great staff & great food.

Spicy almonds