Feeling The Burn

You know what I hate? Exercising. With the passion of a thousand burning suns, I hate it. Those endorphins that people claim to feel after exercising? If I do ever feel them, and I can’t be certain that I do, they are not greater than my hate of exercise. Don’t even poise your fingers over the keyboard to tell me how much I’ll learn to love it – I’m not going to. Not now, not 100 workouts from now. What I will do is try to constantly remind myself that exercise is a necessary evil, like bills or taxes. Exercise is a way of life. It is good for me and my body responds well to it.

I know who I am so I know that I need to commit to it before my feet even hit the floor. Just do it, if you will. So, there it is – I hate exercise but I’m doing it. I will do it. I can do it.