Falling Apart

I left home for work yesterday, trying to be a good little employee. I stopped in the grocery store by my house to grab a few things to take to work when I felt something odd with my shoe. I looked down & it seemed okay but as I took 2 more steps I realized that the top part of my shoe had come apart from the bottom and it was basically hanging on my 4 tiny pebbles of cheap glue. Yes. That really happened.

I thought I’d be smart & buy some crazy glue, which I could not find. Finally, a clerk helped me find it and I hobbled outside to try to McGyver my shoe, I realized it was futile because you need a needle to open crazy glue. Yep.

So, I shuffled back to my apartment where I made the executive decision that I was just going to stay at home and do what I needed to do from there. When the universe speaks, I listen. Most times.

So, I spent the day doing very little work and lots of lounging. Basically, it was a perfect day. Besides, you know, when my shoe fell apart in the grocery store.