9 Years And 1 Day

*I’m going through and backdating some of my favorite things I’ve written. So, if this seems familiar – it’s old :)

9 years and 1 day ago we stood in the living room of our then apartment, in front of two of our friends and a justice of the peace that we picked at random from a list. Standing there, we said words to one another, ones that I don’t even remember, but when it was all said and done you were my husband and I was your wife.

I’m pretty sure looking back, that I didn’t know then what being someone’s wife actually meant but I hope that in 9 years and 1 day that I’ve shown you that whatever being a wife really is, I want to be the best possible one for you.

Me & My Beloved  Ethiopia 2011

You have taught me so much about…well, everything. You have literally shown me (parts of) the world. You have taught me a level of patience I never thought existed in me. You showed me that loving someone, REALLY loving someone is not about pomp and circumstance, that at the end of the day it’s not about grand gestures and things (though are you are also good at those). When I am frenzied, you are where I find calmness. A bad day always gets a hug. Your laughter never ceases to make me smile. Never.

Ethiopia from my ipod  Ethiopia from my ipod

Ethiopia from my ipod  Ethiopia from my ipod

I always tell people, married & unmarried that marriage is a work in progress, that it’s hard work. And those things really are true – but in this 9 years and 1 day, you have shown me that any work we’ve put in this relationship together is well worth the reward we’re given. I hope that whatever I did in this life that God decided I deserved you, I never mess it up.

Elephant Shoe

9th Anniversary Tattoo