The Weekend

I’ve been so incredibly busy at work that I barely had time to come up for air so I was so, so happy to have the weekend off from being in the office. I did however, manage to plan something to do every day so I don’t necessarily feel rested now that I’m back at work because some of us don’t get President’s Day off. Boo!

Friday, I celebrated the birthday of a new friend. I’ve decided that I absolutely need to get a point and shoot that will fit in a clutch because the idea of taking either of my cameras to a bar? Not so appealing. Had a giggly dinner with my Francesca, her beau and his friend and went home pretty early.

Saturday, I got up early and went to The Apple store – bright-eyed & optimistic. That was kind of a failure since I ended up spending way more money than I wanted to to replace my ipod touch. As much as I use it, I kind of legitimized the cost in my mind. Kind of. Later in the day I hung out with my nieces who I’ve been missing so, so much. In typical fashion there were kisses, laughter, a rousing game of musical chairs and some tears. I love those children immensely.

Saturday night I hung out with Tyler and Nikki, ate pizza and laughed at Boomerang. It made me miss the nineties so bad. Sunday, I hung out with my homeboy (I love that word!) Brandon, brunched at Urbana and talked and talked while I watched him polish off an entire bottle of sparkling wine. He’s a champ. And he’s cute. See:

B R A N D O N  B R A N D O N

Sunday evening I had dinner with my friend Larissa and then finally went home and laid on my couch like a blob. It was a busy and satisfying weekend. I love my friends, they make me so incredibly happy and when I spend time with them I realize just how blessed I am.

Today I did all of the laundry in the whole world. Or at least what felt like it. The lady at the laundromat actually said to me today – oh, you only do laundry when the seasons change? Pretty much, lady – pretty much.

Now, I’m at work. Counting the minutes until I can go home, clean up a little and lay in clean sheets. Back to work tomorrow. No rest for the weary as my Mama says.