I am in a surprisingly good mood today for someone who dropped her ipod touch on the ground and cracked the screen today.

Whatever, I’m not going to be upset – I’m going to march into the Apple store tomorrow in a low-cut top and see if I can get some smarter than me person to replace it for free. I’m kidding about the low-cut top part. Maybe.

I scored 2 days off in a row this weekend which means I can actually try to clean up my apartment. Pray for me. It is a mess in there and I need to do laundry like nobody’s business. I’m getting dangerously close to the point wherein my only underwear choices are thongs & inappropriate not for daily wear undies.

I have plans with friends tonight and the rest of the weekend. I thought I was going to have to squeeze in a trip to IKEA – but my co-worker saved my life & is going for me and bringing me what I need next week. SCORE!

And somewhere in the busy that is my weekend – I hope to finish a book I’ve been reading since November. It will be the first book I’ve finished in 2012. LAME.

Have a good weekend. Also, wish my friend Zal good luck on her half-marathon Sunday. Run, Zal, run! <3