Let me be completely honest, I’m only really blogging because I’m trying to keep my mind busy so it will stop thinking about my need to pee. I know holding it is bad but I don’t want to go because I’m wearing tights and I hate having to pull them down and up. ULTIMATE FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS.

Right after I wrote that last sentence I went to pee, so no links about bladder health or incontinence, okay?

Last Saturday I chaperoned a party for my niece. Let’s just say – I never want to chaperone another party in life. Teenagers these days are not the teenagers of yore, TRUST ME ON THIS. Yes, I quietly turned into my mother while you weren’t looking. It’s what I do. Thank God I still have these two little ones to try to guide into sanity.

Beza & Bethel Feb 2012

Beyond that, I’ve been trying to clean & purge my apartment. I think we’re fast approaching the point in which we can not deny that we need at least one more bedroom. God willing and the creek don’t rise, we’ll need that space for a baby & not more stuff, but in the meantime – we have a lot of stuff.