All Is Full Of Love

Happy Valentine's Day :)

I know that all of you guys don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, or you hate flowers or you don’t care – but I still hope that you had a day full of love – like all days should be. The Ethiopian got me yellow roses because he said that I’m his sunshine (collective awwwww!), a balloon and a great card. He ALWAYS picks the best cards and I love opening them up to see his scratchy handwriting.

Beyond that, I had a couple of glasses of wine while watching the new episode of Cougar Town (which I beg you to watch), ate pot roast and garlic mashed potatoes that I’d made earlier in the day and just hung out together. It was a nice, sweet day.

I ended up giving him his birthday present early, a bag from Timbuk2 that he’d wanted but apparently he’s now decided that he wants a different bag – which is fine. I was just happy to be able to get him a present because he’s not that guy – he could totally care less so being able to surprise him makes me so, so happy.

Happy Valentine's Day :)  021412