What I Wore

You know – I think I thought I’d posted one of these recently, but I haven’t done one in about a week. So, here ya go (click through for details or bigger images, if you’re into that kind of thing). Let me be honest – I love them all. I am clearly embracing dresses and skirts which is a complete turnaround from my summer meltdown last year when I decided I hated them all.

In January, I’m not buying any new clothes, makeup or nail polish and as an additional challenge to myself – I’m wearing something new from my closet every day in January. I know it’s slightly disconcerting that I can accomplish that – but it’s making the not acquiring more stuff a lot easier.

122011  121911  122111


122311  122411  122511

122711  122811  122911

123011  010412  010312