Blogging – You're Doing It Wrong

Yesterday I came across an article written by a very popular blogger touting the tools of being successful. I’m not linking to it because my intent really is not to incite a shitstorm, and because she doesn’t need my meager traffic.

Here’s the thing – success is so relative and the harsh reality is that no matter how much some of us post, no matter how much of ourselves we pour into design, clothes, decorating, books, makeup, etc – MOST OF US, are never going to hit the big leagues of blogging – that’s just now how this thing works.

It also made me think that bloggers, and more specifically – fashion bloggers, need to stop taking themselves so seriously. We’re all here sharing this virtual space and so much of what we share is amazing and inspiring – but overwhelmingly, it’s not that profound. It’s just clothes. That’s it. I love getting dressed just as much as the next person but not everyone has the time or resources to photograph themselves in daylight or in a park or with a thousand dollar camera and when we encourage people to do those things in order to be “successful” it creates this unnecessary pressure and desire to fit in.

Blogging is supposed to be fun. It’s about sharing our lives with other people and hopefully finding the tie that binds. If you’re lucky and someone wants to give you free things, I guess that’s awesome for you if that’s what you aspire to – but that’s not the end game for everyone. I don’t begrudge anyone for making money on their own websites, or taking the time to take fantastic photos of themselves if that is indeed what makes you happy – but we all need to not forget that the more of this “sponsorship” that gets accepted the more we are all bombarded with advertisements day in and day out which affects so much of how we shop, what we feel we “need” and our perceived self-worth.

It also breeds a spirit of competition and I don’t think that’s what most of us are here for, I’m certainly not. At the end of the day – this is my digital scrapbook. Bits and pieces of my life for me to share with you & to look back at later and laugh at.

So, all of this to say – have fun. Stop worrying about the little stuff & just let it be. It’s just (in this case) fashion.