Resound 11 #30


Future Self

Today, write a letter to your future self to read on 12/30/12. Write about what you have accomplished. Write about who you are and who you have become. Write a wishlist.

Is writing a letter to yourself too cheesy? Write about how you would like your life to be different than it is now at this time next year. Or write about what you would like to have stay the same

Dear Me,

Hi! Hope 2012 was as good to you as 2011 was. I hope that you (I) are pregnant or actively trying to be so. I hope that you really started that photography business and are trying to grow it. I hope that you traveled some more, internationally is a bonus. I hope that you kept all your relationships in tact and left the dead weight in 2011.

I wish for you (me!) a happiness unrivaled. I wish for safety, love, patience and the clarity to see that even on the not so great days – that there’s always a better one right around the corner.

Continue to practice saying no with love. It is not a rejection of the people you care about – it is to preserve yourself & make you a better human being. Continue to give, you did that so well in 2011 – high five!

Leave a little room for yourself. Unplug more. Be more physical. Be a better version of the awesome you that you already are.

See you next year!

Love, Me!