Resound 11 #24, #25, #26

#24 – Try

“What is one thing (activity, food, career, event, travel, etc.) that you’d like to try in 2012? Why haven’t you tried it yet? What makes 2012 the year to try it?”

There are tons of places that I’d love to go. TONS. But the one place I can’t wait to go? Back to Ethiopia. Career-wise – I am going to get this photography business off the ground because I’m not getting any younger ;)

#25 – All Is Love

“Who do you love unconditionally? Who loves you unconditionally? Who do you love despite their flaws? All is love.”

I am a lover of love. I love to love and I love to be loved. When I tell someone that I love them, I mean it. That means I’m willing to accept what comes with that – good & bad. For me, all love I give is unconditional. It is given at all times & is not based on reciprocity, though that is nice. Love does not mean that we always have to be in like. Sometimes, I dislike people I love. This is a temporary condition :)

#26 – Outro

“Earlier this month we revealed our theme song. Today, share with us the song you would like to be remembered by. Share with us your exit song. Is that a little too personal or deep for you? Why not share with us the song that helps you leave 2011 behind and ring in the new year?”

This is so morbid so I’d have to say I don’t really know. I love lots of songs and probably at least a handful would be appropriate for this occasion, but I think if someone is remembering me – they should remember me the way that they want to. So, suggestions?

How will you resound?