Resound 11 #13, #14, #15


“What was the best gift you gave yourself this year? Did you buy big, fluffy towels? Did you have a massage on a day when you really needed it? Did you forgive someone and give yourself the freedom from that grudge?”

I treat myself a lot (TREAT YO SELF!) and tangible things come and go. I’d say the best gift I gave myself is letting go of some of the anger I’ve felt about some things in my life. Being angry is so debilitating – I’m definitely not saying that it’s not something I don’t feel anymore – but for a handful of things, I just let it go and I feel so much better for it.


“When did you feel most at home this year: in your life, in your space, in your career, in your skin? What factors make that situation feel like home? Do certain comforts make your space feel like home? Does being with certain people make you feel complete? Is there an activity in which you excel that makes you feel like you’re doing what you were meant to do?

This is your life. Where do you live? Where is home?”

One of things I will never in this life forget, is finally clearing customs in Ethiopia and seeing my father-in-law in his country for the first time. The first thing he said to me was “Welcome Home.” It was so powerful to me because culturally, I am so American, but in that moment – it really did feel like home.

I’m at home with my friends, with my family, with myself. I recognize what a charmed life I get to lead and I wouldn’t forsake it for anything.


“We learn new things every day. Processes change at work. We meet new people. We cook new recipes. We are constantly learning and growing.

But sometimes we learn something that qualifies as a discovery. A piece of new information – a feeling, a song, a place, an event, a book, a random fact – can sometimes change our view on the world and our place in it. Discovery can bring on positive change, but sometimes discovery is hard. Sometimes it causes conflict. But after a discovery, something about you just isn’t quite the same.

What discovery did you make in 2011? What kind of impact did it have on how you view the world today?”

One of the things I learned in Ethiopia is just about adapting. You learn that things are not always the way you want or the way that you wish that they were and that’s okay. It really, really is. I saw so many beautiful things when I was there, I met so many beautiful people and I think I’m a better person for it. Ethiopia showed me that even though it’s nice to have things, you can have happiness without them. That is definitely not groundbreaking, but it’s a tough lesson to teach oneself.

How will you resound?