Resound 11 #10, #11, #12

#10 “Today is a bit of a choose your own adventure: write (paint, draw, photograph, record, etc.) about your best experience this year. If that’s not your cup of joe, write about your worst experience. Feeling chatty? Share both your best and worst moments.”

Well, this is a no-brainer. My best experience was traveling to Ethiopia. I mean, getting to go there for three weeks in and of itself was a blessing, but to be able to spend time with my in-laws in THEIR country and in my husband’s childhood home? I mean, I will never ever forget that.

#11 “What is the best meal or best food that you have eaten all year? Did you make it? Did you get it at a restaurant? Do your best to describe the food and the experience with us.”

It’s actually hard for me to think about the best thing I ate all year because I love food so much. SO. MUCH. Maybe it was that pasta I had at my in-laws’ for fasting with all the vegetables, or the soup I had after a long day we spent at one of the resorts. Better still, maybe was that banana I ate at one of the monasteries on Lake Tana. Or, or – maybe it was the macarons from the cute little French place I visited with Francesca. Or something from one of my Jaleo visits with Emily. I don’t know – I love food too much to even choose ;)

#12 “Take today to talk about 12 things you would like to accomplish in 2012. These 12 things can be 12 resolutions, 12 changes in your life, 12 wines you’d like to drink, 12 cities you’d like to visit, or 12 monthly goals. The decision is yours. Good luck and have fun!”

1. Take a trip with my husband. Alone. Just us two.

2. Start my own business.

3. For real, for real get my license.

4. Be nicer to my sister.

5. Visit Canada, I’m not picky about the place – I’d just like to go.

6. Visit Jenn & Mel in Floriday and Lex in Pennsylvania.

7. Stop drinking Starbucks

8. Do a 5k (small & achievable)


10. Get pregnant ;)

11. Cook at least one recipe from every cookbook I own.

12. Stay at a bed & breakfast, preferably with aforementioned husband.

How will you resound?