Resound 11 #1

I’m participating in Resound ’11 & I think you should too. Short backstory of what Resound is all about:

“During the month of December 2011, each day we will provide you with a “prompt” – a word or a phrase to use as a jumping off point, a thought provoker to get you writing. Each prompt will ask you to either reflect upon the past year or to plan for the next.

This activity is to get you writing (or expressing yourself through whatever means you see fit); it is not meant to be stressful. If you like a prompt, go with it. If you don’t like a prompt, use your own. If you don’t have time, skip a day or post it when you can. This is meant to be fun.”

So, here is the first prompt

“What is one word to describe your 2011? Why does that word sum up your year? (We’ll be writing about our one word for 2012 later, so just focus on this year!)”

Golden. Surprisingly enough, that one came to me fairly easily. I am so blessed beyond measure and this year has been beyond anything that I could have imagined. BEYOND. I’ve found happiness in the smallness of life & I appreciate everything that has come my way. I got to spend 3 weeks in my husband’s country, I watched my friends get married (hi, J!), I made new friends and solidified old relationships. I’m growing as a human being, continuing to try to put the best me there is out into this world, and I can’t think of anything more golden than that.