What I Wore – Wine Edition

Sunday Night

If this post seems incoherent, rambling or just plain stupid – let’s blame it on the amount of wine I’ve consumed while sitting on my couch since I came home from work.

Some notes, before I share what I wore this weekend – I changed my site from wordpress to textpattern. I change things a lot because I’m indecisive. Also, because when I’m away from it – I forget how much I hate wordpress, and so I always come back to textpattern. And so, here we are. I refreshed the layout a bit as well, so if something isn’t working – please let me know in the comments or via email.

Now, onto the fashion


The above was Saturday’s outfit. I’m still not altogether sure about the scarf, but I thought having a pop of color was nice.

Details: tank: old navy / blazer & skinny jeans: avenue / hat: forever21 / flats: calvin klein


Above is Sunday’s outfit. I think I love this color combo because looking back – I wear these colors a lot. Whatever works, right? Thanks to my husband for taking today’s photos.

Details: cardigan (under sweater): target / mustard dress (tunic on me): from Ross about 2 years ago / jeggings & wedge boots: avenue

I hope you guys had a great weekend. They’re always too short!