I hadn’t intended on not updating since last week Wednesday but my jet lag was unrelenting. I’m still going to bed a lot earlier than I have in a long time and waking up at 6 a.m. but I’m coping. Yesterday started off okay, but ended in a fairly unpleasant way – sometimes (and I don’t know why) I’m just amazed at how people who are unhappy in their lives choose to spread that unhappiness any and everywhere they can. I recognize how much I’ve grown up because I’ve learned to pick and choose my battles, saying only what needs to be said and not necessarily what comes to the tip of my tongue.

I’m excited for Thanksgiving – mostly because I can go to someone else’s house and eat and just be around family. Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday – plus, it has the best food.

I’m almost done with uploading the images from my trip. ALMOST. In the meantime, you can see all of the individual sets over here and below is a slideshow of my favorite images (thus far uploaded). I also uploaded more of my video diaries to youtube – you can view those on youtube – apologies in advance for linking to things and not posting them here – but my motivation is waning. So, if you don’t click over – it’s okay :)

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