Early Mornings & Late Nights

I woke up early this morning because I thought I was going to have to go to the Apple store to replace my just replaced ipod touch after it was displaying the white screen of death, but magically – it was working. So I lounged around, take a cat nap & had hommos & mini pitas for breakfast.


Some of you know that I work evenings. It’s a gift and a curse, really. I love being able to get up at my leisure and watch morning talk shows, but I hate missing happy hours and not being able to have dinner with my friends through the week. It also means that I need to be more steadfast about planning our meals because as I’m sitting down to post this entry, it’s just shy of midnight & we just ate dinner.

My husband isn’t going to cook & frankly, I don’t really want him to so I need to make sure that I cook things that I can pack and take to work and that he can eat when he gets home. For so long, I cooked almost daily – but when my schedule changed, I kind of just…stopped. Lately, I’m feeling a little more enthusiastic about it, so I’m hoping that translates into more home-cooked meals. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Finally, here’s what I wore today. I need to give credit to my husband who’s been taking my pictures lately & doing such a great job (besides the cutting off of my foot).


details: dress: forever21 / jacket: old navy / tights: hue / boots: avenue