Ten Years

I’ve largely been avoiding any & everything related to the ten year anniversary of 9/11. I have lots of feelings about that day but none that could quite come close to what anyone in any of the buildings or what anyone who lost someone on that day felt. So, what I’m saying is that my feelings are pretty much null and void. It’s hard not to be mawkish or trivializing, so this post is really not about me.

 I always say how grateful we should all be about living where we live & having what we have. We are so privleged as citizens of this country. So much so, it’s difficult to remember – even for me.

The world is changing. Sometimes faster than is possible to even keep up. Be thankful. Be thankful that people go to bat for us each and every day. Be thankful that you live in America. Be thankful for the things you have – whether you perceive them as luxuries or not.