Coffee Talk

So, you'll remember that we found a coffee table, and I was a little be excited about it because we've been living sans coffee table for…well – ever. Because my husband is a delicate flower, we were having Pier 1 put the table together for us and picking it up the following day.

Once we got it into our living room – we realized that it wouldn't work because it was just overwhelmingly large. Besides that, it wobbled & despite costing a good chunk of change – already had knicks in it. And, I know that a coffee table is destined to not be perfect – but when I pay that much money for something, I want to live with it being perfect for a least a little while. Am I alone in this? In case you're interested, we originally purchased this one.

So, back it went and I was a little bit defeated. I mean, how hard can it be to find a coffee table? I decided to check craigslist – which I am generally opposed to because I don't like other people's stuff. I emailed about this Chloe Coffee Table from Pottery Barn, offering a lot lower than what was being asked and feeling pretty certain I was going to get rejected. However, the fates lined up, the heavens opened up & I scored. Big time.

Funny sidebar: I'd sent my husband to buy/pick up the table & when I called to make sure everything was okay, he told me it didn't work it, that it was in bad condition. But then he picked me up and there it was in all of it's beauty.


coffee table


And after all of that, I feel so vindicated in having waited because we got something that not only fits our space, but that we both love. I may learn a thing or two about patience after all. Maybe.