What I Wore

I don’t guess that I’ve quite figured out how I’m handling posting about what I wore. I can’t decide if I genuinely care enough about writing about it here, but I’m definitely still taking pictures daily. And let me tell you – it’s so helpful. I often reference those photos to see what I wore a top with or to make sure I’m not wearing the exact same outfit I wore last week. It’s one of the most brilliant things I’ve done to be completely honest. I’m my own fashion curator.

I’m not like most of the mainstream fashion bloggers, primarily because I’m not a fashion blogger ;), but also because I take the bulk of my images in the same place, every day. I pretty much leave my camera in the same spot & I use the self-timer to take my images, I do it as soon as I get home from work so it’s just become part of my routine, no matter how good/bad I feel. I just do it. And it’s so fun to look back it.

This is a HUGE dump, simply because I haven’t posted in a long while. But, there are some good outfits in there. I think I’ve kind of found a voice for my clothing and that’s a good feeling. When you feel good about the way you look, I think it reflects in so much of what you do.

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