The Picking Of Battles

Being able to communicate effectively with people you care about is really invaluable. I often say I don't understand why people don't just use their words. However, having said that – sometimes, just biting your tongue makes everything more simple.

One of the lessons I keep coming back to is the picking of battles. Learning when I need to stand up for myself and when maybe that's more trouble than it's worth. I feel like in my age – I've really started to mellow. I'm not as quick to step up for a battle. This is not about weakness, but more about me recognizing that I can't change other people and the things that they do but I can show people through my own actions how I want/expect to be treated & how I treat other people.

People will show you how much they appreciate you in the way that treat you and the way that acknowledge your presence in their lives – listen  to them when they do this. This, is one of the hardest things ever for someone like me who likes to hold tight to relationships and always seeks to give the benefit of the doubt.

Yesterday, a friend said something to me that I took extreme umbrage with, and I let them know that I didn't like it because I felt what they'd said was thoughtless, myopic & none of their business.  It's given me pause about the relationship and that person's perception of who I am. But since I've said how I felt, I'm giving myself some time and space to breathe and just live in the moment of what I said in response to what was said to me. I picked my battle. And I liked it.