Sign O’ The Times

When I’m aimlessly surfing the internet, occasionally I realize how vast it is by sheer volume of content and then how small it is by proxy of popularity. It’s actually quite fascinating and would probably make a great anthropology study.

The one thing that remains true about blogging, that I think has always been kind of an understated point of view, is that you have to blog for yourself. You have to find out what drives you, what keeps you here – and just do that.

Part of me really wants to come here everyday and just babble on and on about the finer, more boring details of my life – but I mostly can’t be bothered to do that. And that’s ok. I’ve been doing this too long to make apologies for what I post and when I post it. In that sense, this blog really is about anything, everything and nothing.  It’s a fluid situation, this here blog. Sometimes neglected, sometimes smothered. But I like it here, and even though it’s ultimately for me, I hope that you do too.

Also, things like this practically BEG to be shared with you.