Cleaning House

So, I decided recently that I'd really like to get my apartment in order. I mean, it's cute and kind of homey but I think it feels like a college kid lives there and as you know, I am not in college or college-aged. I've asked Melanie for her help because when it comes to these things, she is a Svengali, and I? Well, I'm basically the Sandra Lee of home decorating/design. If someone asked me what my apartment's style was – I'd have to be honest and answer – function. I haven't really found a way to combine function and style in an effective way and within the confines of 650 sq ft. 

I feel like I have lots of great things – art, tchotke, photographs..stuff – but I'm not utilizing it in a way that really works for us. This is going to be a baby step thing. It's going to be contingent on money, time and actually finding things that we want because I've found that when it comes to acquring things for our apartment – I'm a settler. I'll take right now over waiting for the right thing to come my way even though I know that's a bad philosophy. 

So far, we've purged a couple of janky bookshelves and I bought myself a new desk over a couple of trips to the land of Swedish meatballs (Ikea). My desk is put together (I did most of it myself – WOOT!) but it's not yet organized and there is still quite a bit of chaos around it. But, it's looking like the bedroom is going to be the first room to really get itself together. 

I'll be writing about this along the way and as inspiration striies. I'm excited to change things around and I'm hoping to find some great things along the way. Wish me luck!