Bitter And Sweet

The awesome thing about having purchased the tickets to go to Ethiopia is that HOLY CRAP I’m going to Ethiopia. The worst part is that it seems so, so far away and so I’m trying not to lose the fervor for it by thinking about it incessantly. All the same, I did want to say thanks for all the well wishes, comments and tweets – I appreciated them all.

There’s finally been a respite from the oppressive heat & I have never been more thankful. I’m over summer in a major way. I know lots of folks love it, and part of me can even understand why you would – but that part of me is small – very, very small.

 I am longing so badly for fall. To break out all my blazers, sweaters and feel that crispness in the air. I’m tired of suffocating when I go outside (drama queen!).

And, here is your weekly dose of cute courtesy of my littlest niece.