…And things of that nature

So, last week was kind of crazy week on the east coast. Earthquake on Tuesday, Hurricane/tropical storm warnings Friday through Sunday. Fun times. And by fun I mean – completely annoying, kinda scary times. But, we're here. It's Monday. There are new things to obsess over.

Because of the storm warnings, I spent Saturday in my pajamas watching reruns of Criminal Minds (fully obsessed w/ that show and more specifically with Matthew Gray Gubler) and lazing about on my couch. I did manage to clean my bedroom pretty well & sorted my laundry – although I didn't actually wash any of it. Baby steps.

Sunday, I made breakfast for The Ethiopian and I and then we ventured out to hunt for a coffee table, which we found at Pier 1. Coffee tables are expensive, but we needed one in THE worst way. We are slowly, but surely doing this apartment redo thing. It's kind of fun, actually. Overwhelming at times, but fun. We're learning a lot about each other in doing this and the give & take has been…interesting. But we're making things happen. Photos soon!