Where I’m From

I am from the city who's name makes everyone giggle. I am from not a lot of money, but never realizing it because we had what we needed and a few of the things we wanted. I am from high-top Reebok classics, jeans that you fold over and roll up and neon everything. I am from catching lightning bugs and blowing dandelions. I am from Sunday dinners at my Grandmother's house.

I am from running home when the street lights come on. I am from fried chicken, cookouts and chitterlings. I am from keeping a can of grease on the stovetop to cook with and hot dogs topped with chili, onions, mustard and coleslaw.

I am from a small Baptist church, painted white, that my entire family has always gone to. I am from wearing dresses and being quiet in church & hoping that my Grandmother had candy in her purse to still us. I am from 1, 2, 3 red light & hide and seek. I am from jumping rope & spinning on a merry-go-round until your stomach hurts and you can't walk straight. I am from I can do anything my boy cousins can do & probably even better. I am from the middle, outspoken and needing to be heard. I am from weeknights spent watching television with my siblings and 9 o'clock bedtimes. I am from public libraries, arms loaded with romance novels, Sweet Valley High & The Babysitter's Club. I am from love.

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I stole this idea from Kristy, who was inspired by Ali. You can find a general template to do your own here