Loved Today

Most of you guys who read this have been reading me forever and you know I've been blogging since the stone age. There are some blogs that I always, always go back to – Mighty Girl is one of those. I think Maggie has perfected the art of balancing what to share, and what to keep for herself that so many bloggers struggle to find. In the midst of some hard times, she's committed herself to 30 days of fun. And her bedroom dance party? I can support those fun times.


My friend Emily & I call these dance breaks. Where you get up from whatever awful/stresful/annoying thing you're doing, turn your music up a little bit too loud and don't stop until the song ends. I'm not bold enough to record myself dancing – but here's Maggie's attempt. I think we should all have a dance break/dance party today. What song are you going to get down to?