Loved Today

So, it appears that I abandoned the grace in small things thing – I figured that I could at least try my hand and something semi (kinda, sorta, maybe) daily. So, that brings me to loved today. Any, every, something I loved throughout the day. So, let's start with today:

Last night, The Ethiopian (husband) and I had a little tiff right before going to sleep (sidebar: I don't believe in that never going to bed angry thing – sometimes, that's EXACTLY what you need). So midday he called me to check to see if I was still mad – I was. We had a brief conversation – which is par for the course, we never talk on the phone much. But, a few hours later – he called me again, which is quite unusual. Essentially (this is a longish story made short), he was calling just to ask me to not be mad anymore because when I'm mad at him (according to him) he feels mentally and physically ill. I laughed at the drama of it – but that was enough to break the tension & for my anger cloud to break. I love this guy.