I don't understand why people get upset when people complain about the weather. It's hot, it makes people miserable, misery loves company – see how that works? All the same, I'm not coming in to complain about the weather – EVEN THOUGH IT IS TEN BAJILLION DEGREES OUTSIDE.

I am also not going to complain about how I didn't get the apartment that we really, really wanted because it was two blocks from a fantastic neighborhood and had assigned parking because – honestly, it was still a compromise because the stove was too small & (more importantly) there really wasn't enough closet space anyway – so, we'll keep looking and find something that is beyond perfect for us. Hopefully sooner than later, but you know – I'm being patient.

I told my friend Julie the other day that my new motto is always forward, never backward. I feel like I'm making so much progress this year with things that I want to do/accomplish that I just need to continue to use this momentum to improve myself & my life. Remind me of this if/when I backslide, ok?