Dear Baby

Dear Baby, let your Mama-to-be tell you a secret – even though taking a pregnancy test seems simple – it's kind of hard to pee on that little stick. After one too many symptoms of pregnancy started to show itself around our household, we thought we'd rule out your Mama-to-be's nausea and missing period with a pregnancy test.

While in my heart of hearts I felt that I wasn't pregnant, there is a part of me that wished that the outcome had been different. I wish that my feelings hadn't been hurt when the negative blue line popped up so quickly – at least make me wait a little bit, you know? I'm not worried or sad though (promise!). I know that when God, the universe & whoever else is in charge of these things is ready – we'll be ready too.

Now, I'm going to go and call your Papa so he can stop worrying himself to death (you should also know he worries about your Mama a lot – it's kind of sweet). Love, Your Mama-to-be