Big Update Type Thing

The craziest thing about me seeming to only be able to update this blog once a week (or less) is that my less is crazier than ever. Or, at least that's what it feels like from where I'm standing. A couple of weeks ago, dear & beloved friends of mine got married in Boston. Hey Boston – I love you. You are so pretty. I was the photographer for their wedding – yes, photographer – and I managed not to crap my pants while doing it even though i was overwhelmingly nervous that I would screw up my friends' memories. I have about 3 bajillion photos from the weekend of events, some I'm sure may pop up here & there, but you'll just have to take my word that I got some pretty amazing shots.

Nikki & Julie 070211


Beyond that, I've been spending most of my weekends with my in-laws. Cooking, eating and just hanging. I've squeezed in a little friend time here & there – but I keep forgetting to come back & write about it. Oh, thanks to my friend Mel for this header – I couldn't remember if I'd thanked you publicly or not.

Last thing that I've been doing is taking driving lessons. I know I mentioned it before, but it fell through but this time – I'm doing it. I am on the roads and driving. According to my teacher, I'm "pretty good" & I feel fairly confident behind the wheel of the car. I don't have any real anxiety about doing it & things are going smoothly. I will say though, that I don't love driving. I'm not sure it it's the newness of it & being hyper-focused on the task at hand – but I don't feel that incredible since of YAY I'm doing this! I do recognize that it's something I should know – in case of a zombie takeover or some such – but I can't see myself falling in love with it. So, that's that. Big, fat, update type thing. Hope all is well in your world.