Army Green

So, it appears that I have fallen in love with all things army green. Wait, do you call it army or olive? Is there a difference? No matter what you call – this color has become kind of my "thing" – if one can call a color a "thing". When shopping, I'm most often drawn to bright colors – I think they look best on my skin & no one wants to dress like they're going to a funeral every day. But, over time I've started to add this army green color to my closet because it plays so well as a neutral and it's a color my husband loves. So – it's basically a win/win.

These pants, which I've only had about 2 weeks were an AMAZING steal that i scored from Target for ~$13. They are crazy comfortable and so cute. I really am not comfortable in shorts but these are not heavy & keep me from wanting to hurl myself down stairs when I'm outdoors.

the green pants

Also, in major rotation is this green linen jacket that I got at Lane Bryant. I actually tend not to shop there very often as I find their prices to be a bit steep for my taste – but this was on sale at 40% off so I think I paid about $40 for it, which is still kind of a lot, but has definitely paid for itself given the number of times I've worn it.

the green jacket

What about you, do you have any color obsessions or an obsession with a particular piece of clothing in your wardrobe?