What I Wore & Some Random Thoughts

Most of you already know that I take a daily picture of my outfit. Most days. I do occasionally skip a day here and there, or sometimes spend the entire day languishing in my pajamas. Generally when people find out that I do this, they either think I’m too vain for my own good or they think it’s neat. Obviously, I fall into the latter. Part of it is that seeing myself dressed in a photo helps me to objectively take a look at my wardrobe. There have been times I’ve gotten dressed & thought this totally works! Gone back, seen the photo & thought – ehhh, maybe not so much. So, even though I haven’t posted them – I haven’t stopped taking said photos. Here’s a gigantic backlog.

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My favorites are the outfits from 6/21, 6/16, 6/4 & 6/2. I am fully embracing the skirt and dress this year – something I’ve not been entirely liked or been comfortable doing in the past. And you’ll note that on 6/16 my shirt was sheer lace & I wore a bra underneath and that was it. I was surprisingly comfortable wearing it – and it’s probably THE boldest thing I’ve ever done with regard to fashion. It’s not crazy extreme, but for me? It was jumping off a building & I have to be honest with you – I like the way it felt.