It's hot. Consider that my permanent weather commentary going forward. I've been a wee bit busy and I keep reminding myself to pop in here and update this thing, and then I don't. I will do better. Hopefully.

I was watching an episode of Oprah Behind The Show (SO GOOD!) and she was reading to Whoopi Goldberg from one of her journals that was probably 20 years old. I thought that it must be amazing to have that, and it made me want to write more about my life. I think I'm beyond keeping a paper journal & blogging online – there are probably not enough hours in the day for all of that, but I've been writing online so long – I can't imagine not having this be a part of my life in some fashion. I have some of my journals from my early twenties. Oh, the angst! But the idea of my thoughts being unfiltered in that way and then someone reading them when I'm gone makes me about a gajillion kinds of nervous. I need a journal executor – someone who is in charge of their destruction in the event of my untimely demise (Oprah's is Gayle, of course).

At any rate. Saturday I went to a dinner party hosted by my friend Bekah – good people, good food and a cauldron of sangria = good times. Sunday, I had brunch with my friend Brandon. As much as I enjoy cooking (and I REALLY do) – I secretly do like to have other people cook for me and I especially love when men cook – there's something I find endearing about it.

Monday, I hung out with The Ethiopian (my husband), did a small bit of shopping & collapsed into an exhausted heap at the end of the day. It was a good long weekend and I am so thankful for this short week. So thankful.