I swear in my mind I just updated this thing. I really did have eleventy hundred stories to tell you, but you know what – that's all done and dusted.

I haven't heard anything from the aforementioned job & I'm okay with it. I thought I might feel slighted/dejected/miserable – but I'm okay. It's been so long since I've interviewed for anything that just having the practice was a good thing & it built my confidence because I really feel like the person who did the interviewing liked me a lot, even if they chose to go with someone else. Things at my current gig are not amazing but not utterly tragic either. The upside to sticking around at this job is that it won't pose any problems when we travel to Ethiopia later this year. Look at me lemons – I am turning you into a gigantic cup of lemonade!

Besides the mundaneness that is my day to day – I've been spending time with my in-laws. My favorite brother-in-law is here from Ethiopia (I love them all) and it is the season of graduations, cookouts etc. which means my already too short weekends just got shorter. It's plenty okay though because family time is overwhelmingly good for the soul.

Random thought – I don't know that I subscribe to everything that astrology has to offer but I would be a loon to not feel as if things have been a little bit…different since the eclipse last week. Everything seemed to kind of get tossed into the air and I feel like the dust is just really settling. At least I have something to blame my angst on.

Fasika's Graduation Party