Days Gone By

You know how this story goes already – I REALLY hadn't intended on not posting for a week. In fact, I have 3 posts sitting in draft right now that I started and never finished – that's what kind of self-respecting blogger I am. I am a victim of the draft.

Last week was a long one, full of highs and lows if I'm being completely honest. Things are in a serious state of flux at my current job. Mega, orca whale style flux. I was lucky enough to land an interview within days of finding out that things were going to be cut back, but I haven't heard anything yet – so, if you're the praying or well-wishing kind, do that for me, okay? Okay.

I did A LOT of things last week and I have pictures – so I'll hold off on writing about that until I've actually uploaded all bajillion of them. I hope that you are well & that you missed me because I definitely missed you. True story.

Here are a few cute pictures of my nieces to tide you over until next time, I'm so good to you people ;)

June Family Brunch  June Family Brunch

June Family Brunch