What I Wore

Last week was a pretty good clothing week. I decided last week that I don't particularly love myself in dresses. I have a full on obsession with maxi dresses but truthfully – I think I just look better in pants. Even though I'm wearing a dress today :)

With the exception of the dress, I kind of love everything I wore last week but if I had to pick a favorite I'd pick the outfit from 05/13 – the striped tee with the green linen jacket. I'd really been wanting to wear that jacket and that day it was cool enough out that I wouldn't look ridiculous.

You'll notice that I always, always cover my arms up – at least to the elbow. One of the downsides to my weight-loss surgery is a fair amount of excess skin. I am pretty confident that I could live with most of it, but somewhere down the line I'd like to have an arm lift. Still, I wouldn't take back the surgery. I'd do it again without hesitation and I'm willing to live a life of cardigans and shrugs if that is what it takes.