What I Wore

I kind of loved my outfits this week. You'll remember that I said that I decided that I hated wearing dresses. So, in order to combat said hate – I've been making myself wear them. I don't know what kind of plan this is, but I admit to hating them less and less.

I loved both of the dresses I wore last week and I have to give a gigantic thank you to City Chic for making a maxi dress that's actually maxi on my tall self (I'm 5'11") and it fits like a dream. The other dress is from Forever21+ and it NEEDED to have leggings (or something) underneath because I am leggy & I have a lot of junk in my trunk if you will.

If I had to pick a favorite it would probably be 05.24 – I really loved the lace with the pink and it's unfortunate because I cut the tag off of the tank & apparently cut a hole in it. Sayonara.

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