A few quick notes – if you read my site via an rss reader could I ask that you please subscribe to this feed. The others will remain working for some time, but I would eventually like to kill them and consolidate everything into one feed that I can keep an eye on. Also, if you're just subscribing and it's not using a feedburner link, please use the link from before also. Thanks.

You might also have read my last entry, entitled Dear Baby. I've been sitting on this idea of writing letters to my not even conceived child for some time. I couldn't decide if it was too twee or even a bit creepy – but I'm doing it and I hope you'll read along. The entries will show up on the front page & in the rss feed but there's also a separate blog if you have no interest in reading my day to day but the baby thing interests you.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate that you do.