I woke up today feeling anxious. There is nothing wrong and I'm praying that said nothing will continue to be the case. I often find that it can be so difficult to shake off bad feelings/moods/energy – but I'm working on shaking whatever the hell this is right off.

I had a fantastical day yesterday. I spent the early part of the day with my friend Julio – I have a lot more I'm going to share with you about that, but I have to do a few things before I do. At some point in our day – we sat and watched little kids play in this fountain area they built smack dab in the middle of this retail area. It is the most brilliant thing ever. Kids + water + sunshine = amazing.


I spent the evening with another friend of mine, Francesca – buying (more) books and aimlessly wandering around. It was a good day. A great day. Maybe that's why I feel less than enthusiastic about today – because yesterday was so perfect?

I'm going to go and look at pictures of children playing & see if this day can be salvaged from my grump.