Things I Like To Discover About Other People

Julie made an adorable little list of things that she loved to discover about other people and since I love Julie – I'm going to share my things from HER list, and then give you a list of my own if you want to play along.

Julie's List:

1. what they eat for breakfast, specifically I like to see pictures of what people eat for breakfast

2. what they looked like when they were young

3. what their handwriting looks like

4. how they met their significant other (if they have one)

5. what is in their medicine cabinet

6. what their voice sound like

1. I'd say that 90% of my breakfasts are eggs & some version of potatoes and look like this or some variation of this:


2. Quite possibly one of my very favorite photos of me ever! You could not tell me one, single thing once my Mom allowed me to get those beads on my hair.


3. Handwriting – my handwriting is kind of a messy mix of print and cursive


4. I met my husband at a party at his house, noted that he was wearing the worlds UGLIEST shirt, thought he was cute – then didn't think about him again for months after. Later, he walked into my work office & I remembered him because he has such a distinct name. Some time passed & he would come over for these group dinners that I, and my then roommate would have – one day he came over invited by said roommate & (long story short) we stayed up talking all night and when it was time to go to bed, I gave him his own blanket, told him that I snored & that I would see him in the morning. He basically stayed with me every night after that & the rest, as they say, is history.

5. I honestly don't use much of anything out of my medicine cabinet, most of this belongs to my husband


6. Most of you know I post the occasional video, so you've already heard my voice but in case you haven't, you can do that over on youtube

Here's my list of things I like to discover about people, which I will do tomorrow. If you do this, please come back and leave a link so I can spy on you or leave your lists in the comments ;)

1. Where you sleep. I love to see what people's bedroom's look like because I feel like it's such a reflection of personality.

2. Your bathroom. Bathrooms are so funny to me – mostly because I obsessively hoard shower curtains.

3. The inside of your fridge – Probably says more about you than anything else on this list.

4. Your books – assuming you own some, I love to see people's bookshelves. This year, I'm attempting to read at least 52 books – I'm woefully behind, but I think I can pull it out, so this is particularly interesting. (sidenote, if we're not friends on goodreads – let's do that!)